Amy Ford

Logistics Juggler


Amy Ford, Logistics Juggler for TomTod Ideas, doesn’t actually know how to juggle, but she loves to keep things organized.

Amy is originally from the suburbs on the west side of Cleveland, but after graduating from Malone University in 2016, she decided to call Stark County home. In the years following graduation, Amy worked for Four Kids Coffee as well as the North Canton YMCA, two places where her sense of community was deepened, her strengths were explored, and her love for keeping things organized and efficient was realized.

​Outside of TomTod, she loves to create and craft with fiber, grow food in her garden, go rock climbing at Rockmill, read, and play fetch with Bowser, her German Shepherd. You can usually find her knitting a sweater or embroidering something floral while watching Gilmore Girls for the millionth time. She always has at least one book either in her purse or in her car, because, like Rory Gilmore, she never wants to be without something to read.


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