Creator Club

After-School Club 

TomTod’s Creator Club connects the imagination of middle schoolers with real opportunities to contribute to local organizations during their after-school or out-of-school time programs. 

Middle schoolers want to explore outside the classroom, create with their hands, and have their voice heard. Creator Club invites middle schoolers to brainstorm ideas and create needed community projects each session with local organizations by building with cardboard, sketching their ideas, designing with online tools, and voicing their unique middle schooler perspective.

During Creator Club middle schoolers not only get to draw, build, and imagine through hands-on challenges. They get the chance to serve their community with their ideas, perspectives, and creations. Creator Club is specifically designed to help students develop vital 21st-century and social-emotional skills like: 

  • Empathic Research
  • Interviewing and Listening Skills
  • Creative and Critical Thinking 
  • Teamwork and Collaboration 
  • Goal Setting and Community Service


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What If You Could

Project-Based Mentoring 

What If You Could is a project-based mentorship program guiding teams of middle schoolers through the project management process to prototype and pilot their ideas in their community. Supported by a TomTod Adventure Curator, each team is connected to community resources, idea advocates, and seed funding to launch their idea. 

Open to middle schoolers who have previously been through either What If 101 or Camp What If, participants build off of previous experiences to work towards a shared goal with dedicated peers and trusted mentors to pitch ideas to community partners, create hands-on prototypes, conduct real-world research, and initiate working pilots of their idea.



What can a What If You Could project look like?