Community Quests


Community Quests are inquiry-focused projects customized for your community and your middle school students.

Each Community Quest includes a curriculum tailored to your community, as well as training and ongoing support to help participating educators develop deeper expertise and confidence around inquiry-based and student-led project-based learning.


Using innovative learning strategies and a toolkit refined over 10 years of working with middle schoolers, teachers receive training and ongoing support in implementing this fun, flexible, and fully developed curriculum.

Community Quest training enhances the learning in your school by giving students real-world context to apply their skills and knowledge, as well as opportunities for cross-curricular collaboration in your school by integrating and complimenting ELA –  Speaking and Listening, Social Studies, and SEL standards as a framework for the project. 



Community Quests can be integrated grade-wide over a semester inside of a class like social studies or career exploration, or it can be used to give targeted groups of students the chance to extend their learning.


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Consulting & Professional Development

With over 20 years of experience in early adolescent youth development, our consulting and professional development services are designed to inspire creativity, foster innovation, and drive meaningful change.

We understand that every organization is unique, facing its own set of challenges and opportunities. That’s why we take a tailored approach to our consulting and professional development offerings. By collaborating closely with you, we gain deep insights into your goals, culture, and aspirations, allowing us to develop customized solutions that deliver tangible results.


Why choose us?

  • Expertise: Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about early adolescence.
  • Collaborative Approach: We believe in partnership and collaboration, working closely with you to co-create solutions that drive real impact.
  • Results-Oriented: We are committed to delivering measurable results and helping you achieve your strategic objectives.
  • Innovation: With our focus on innovation and creativity, we help you stay ahead of the curve and unlock new opportunities for growth.


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Project-Based Implementation of SEL

Using the latest research from sources such as CASEL and Buck Institute for Education, and by collaborating with local community partners across industries such as city government, parks and recreation, libraries, small businesses, and nonprofits, we provide opportunities for students to practice SEL skills including empathy, self-awareness, responsible decision-making, and social awareness.


Student Autonomy

We honor students’ perspectives and input. While we design the framework for our projects, students lead the way. They get the opportunity to explore topics and parts of the community they’re passionate about. 


Inquiry-Based Community Connection

We cultivate curiosity in our students and provide opportunities for them to share their ideas to authentic audiences of interested community members. 

Past and Present Partnering Schools