We believe middle schoolers matter.


At TomTod Ideas, middle schoolers are listened to, honored, celebrated, and advocated for.


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Mission Statement


TomTod Ideas empowers middle schoolers to explore and launch ideas that put empathy and imagination into action.

At TomTod, we think middle schoolers are pretty amazing. And not just because they exist in this awesome space where they still possess childlike imagination while discovering their place in the world.

We think middle schoolers are incredible humans because science says they are!

But most people don’t exactly feel fuzzy feelings when they think of middle school.

And because of that, middle schoolers are forgotten about—told they have potential to do something “someday” instead of valued for their perspective now.


​So we decided to do something about that.

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Programs We Offer

Classes & Clubs

 Students use Liberatory Design Thinking to make real-world impact through experiential and problem-based learning.

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Summer Programs

With week-long camps and mini-camps, there’s something for every middle schooler.

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Project Mentorship

We connect middle school teams to community resources, idea advocates, and seed funding to launch their idea. 

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What Sets Us Apart


Community-Based Programming

We think middle schoolers’ perspectives are important for our communities. Our programming allows students to not only explore different parts of their community, but also empowers them to see themselves as community leaders by engaging in community development. 


Middle Schoolers Matter

Students don’t just listen to what adults are saying about their community. They have a voice and opportunities to put their ideas into action.


High Quality

Our programs are often compared to many community leadership programs offered to adults. Because we’re a direct service organization, we’re committed to building a staff of early adolescent experts.

Who is doing this work?


Meet Our Team

“TomTod gives us middle schoolers a voice that can be heard and made real.”

– TT Middle Schooler


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