Pat Gerber

Lead Adventure Curator

Contact Pat for:
  • Programmatic partnership opportunities
  • Interest becoming an Adventure Curator


Patrick Gerber is the Team Guide and leads the Adventure Curator team.  Patrick graduated from Malone University in 2015 with a degree in Organizational Management, and he has studied Child Development at Portland State and Mount Union.

Patrick’s diverse experience has been centered around journeying with children through trauma and helping them flourish emotionally, academically, and personally. But Patrick still hopes to grow up to be a professional soccer player and win the World Cup.

Patrick has decades of experience in early adolescent education and nonprofit management. Before TomTod, Patrick grew his passion for empowering middle schoolers by teaching middle school and high school in alternative education settings and working as a coach, mentor, and mental health case manager.

​For the past 10 years, Patrick and his wife, Jordan, have fallen in love with Canton and their neighborhood. When Patrick and Jordan aren’t walking their dogs in Stadium Park, they are usually hiking or kayaking someplace beautiful or at Taggart’s eating ice cream.

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