Classes & Clubs with TomTod Ideas

TomTod’s school-based programming walks students through the ideation process using design thinking strategies and the framework of their own community. Students make real-world impact through experiential and problem-based learning.

Classes & Clubs include What If 101 (collaborating in the classroom), Creator Clubs (after-school), and What If Explorers (elementary to middle school transitioning).




Project-Based Implementation of SEL

Using the latest research from sources such as CASEL and Buck Institute for Education, and by collaborating with local community partners across industries such as city government, parks and recreation, libraries, small businesses, and nonprofits, we provide opportunities for students to practice SEL skills including empathy, self-awareness, responsible decision-making, and social awareness.


Student Autonomy

We honor students’ perspectives and input. While we design the framework for our projects, students lead the way. They get the opportunity to explore topics and parts of the community they’re passionate about. 


Inquiry-Based Community Connection

We cultivate curiosity in our students and provide opportunities for them to share their ideas to authentic audiences of interested community members. 

Past and Present Partnering Schools