Camp Explore
Middle School

Summer Camp for Canton students transitioning to middle school this fall!


Location: Crenshaw Middle School

Monday, June 24th-Thursday, June 27th


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2023 Outcomes

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Middle School Transition Program

Camp Explore Middle School is a middle school transition and mentoring program that helps students feel excited, prepared, and less nervous about starting middle school.


The goal of Explore Middle School is to empower middle schoolers to investigate and discover answers to the questions, concerns, and curiosities they have about transitioning to middle school. Students build connections and relationships with their future middle school buildings, teachers, principals, and peers, as well as envision their future education pathway through immersive college and career field trips.


Each day of Explore Middle School includes a variety of creative games and activities centered on their new middle school experience. Students engage in carefully designed opportunities to interview representatives from their new school and connect with near-peers who can provide on-the-ground perspective.