What If You Could

Project-Based Mentoring with TomTod Ideas


Real world learning

What If You Could guides middle schoolers through professional collaboration, prototyping, and project management by taking their ideas and trying to make them a reality.

We connect middle schoolers to people, tools, and resources to make their idea become real.


Middle Schoolers Matter

Middle schoolers don’t just listen to what adults are saying about their community. They have a voice too. We believe middle schoolers’ perspectives are important for our community.

What If You Could exists because we believe middle schoolers matter and have the ability right now to make a difference. 


More than mentoring

What If You Could is a powerful journey of real-world learning and deep mentorship that empowers middle schoolers to positively impact their community by launching ideas.

“TomTod gives us middle schoolers a voice that can be heard and made real.”

– TT Middle Schooler



Read about one WIYC group that worked on their idea after Camp What If 2023:

WIYC: Better Box

Are you ready to launch your idea?