CWI: North Canton

Summer Camp for North Canton Middle Schoolers with TomTod Ideas


Community Christian Church
210 N. Main St.

Week 1: June 3rd – 7th
Week 2: June 10th – 14th


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What Sets Us Apart


Community-Based Programming

Camp What If : North Canton is made for, hosted in, and centered around North Canton. Middle schoolers from North Canton explore their city, meet community leaders, and create ideas that will directly affect their neighbors. 


Middle Schoolers Matter

Campers don’t just listen to what adults are saying about their community. They have a voice too. Throughout the week, we weave in Design Thinking strategies and discover how to create ideas. By Friday, campers will have brainstormed 100s of ideas for their community, worked on one idea with a small group, and will present their idea during our closing program.


High Quality

Camp What If is often compared to many community leadership programs offered to adults. Parents and partners frequently tell us they wish there was a Camp What If for grown-ups.

“TomTod gives us middle schoolers a voice that can be heard and made real.”

– TT Middle Schooler

An average day at
Camp What If

While every day is different at camp, this will give you an idea of the flow. The first half of the week, we spend time exploring the community and talking to community leaders. The second half of the week switches to ideation. Campers take all their learnings from the week, dive into Design Thinking, and come up with ideas to help the community thrive.


Camp Headquarters


Arrive! Play Giant Jenga Get-2-Know

Design Challenge – Design paper airplanes in groups of 3. Measure your test throws. What is your longest throw?

Choose a snack and relax in a bean bag chair.

11am – 12pm

North Canton Parks Dept

Community Exploration Prep

20 Questions Game

Open-Ended vs. Closed-Ended Questions Game

Design Challenge – Design 5 different ways to reuse empty plastic containers.


12pm – 1pm

Camp Headquarters


Catered lunch from Howlin’ Bird

1pm – 3pm

Out and About

Community Exploration

City Hall to meet Councilwoman Christina Weyrick

North Canton Public Library

3pm – 4pm

Camp Headquarters

Debrief in the Ball Pit 

Back to camp HQ for snacks, more games, and exploration debrief

Parent pick-up at 4pm sharp!