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Every role at TomTod has the same goal:
to empower middle schoolers to explore and launch ideas that put empathy and imagination into action.



TomTod Ideas takes a whole-team approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion practices and is an equal opportunity employer. As we seek new team members, we welcome the meaningful contributions you might bring in terms of your education, perspective, race, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran’s status, age or religion.



Stacy, Adventure Curator


“TomTod operates on a different level as soon as they enter the classroom. I have loved watching students who might normally be disengaged just erupt with personality, character, goofiness, and wacky or meaningful ideas.”

Morgan, Pathfinder


“My time at TomTod Ideas has equipped me with
a lifelong dedication to community partnership and celebrating the awesomeness of middle schoolers!”

Kayla, LEad Story Guide


“I would not be where I am today as a professional without TomTod. Not only is working here inspiring and fun, but it’s also edifying. I feel connected to my community with my work that’s different than any other place I’ve worked for.”





Community Recommendations

Rachel Hagemeier

President & CEO

Canton Symphony Orchestra

“TomTod believes in young people and creates fun, accessible and professional experiences for them. It is a joy and privilege to partner with them to expose young people to the world of music.”

Brenda Stevens, M. ED. CDE

The staff at TomTod is a group of committed, energized individuals who care deeply for middle school students. They are uniquely qualified to care for and guide these young people through what can be challenging years. TomTod creates programs that are fun and engaging and our students benefit from participating in a TomTod experience.

Mike gallina

VP of Organizational Development & community engagement


“At AultCare, we have a cultural phrase that impacts our entire organization.  It is:  You Matter . . .  Tell someone else that they matter, too!

“TomTod and their wonderful programs energize this feeling with our middle school population.  The entire TomTod team and leadership allow middle school students to be seen, heard and valued – they DO matter! The planning that ensures is the added gift that is unwrapped though TomTod’s programming and activities.  What a wonderful and impactful organization!”

Rachel Hosler, Edd

Chief of staff

Walsh University

“TomTod Ideas is a leading educational nonprofit in Northeast Ohio. Joel and his team are innovators in this space and engage middle schoolers during a critical time in their development. The programs through TomTod gives middle schoolers the skills, confidence, and abilities to be problem-solvers today.”

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